Development of bio-based applications

for thermochemical valorization

of biomass products

pour de nombreuses applications agronomiques

Hydrochar WB1

100% natural water retenter

First biochar homologated in France

Products and applications with high added value

created from residual biomass

Experts in creation of new bio-based products, materials and services.

VT GREEN proposes a wide range of scientific and technical expertises for the development of bio-based applications by the thermochemical valorisation of biomass co-products originating from industrial or agricultural activities. The awareness of the entire value chain (sourcing and preparation of biomass thermochemical process conditions, functionalization of biochars and bio-oils) allows VT GREEN to develop high value applications in many different sectors. Our activities cover applied research, development of  bio-based products, and expertise for the implementation of industrial thermochemical valorization of residual biomass.


Production of biochars and biooils with key physico-chemical properties of product

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Product development

Engineering new biobased applications and products at customer’s specifications

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Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies of thermochemical valorization for biomass sector

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VT GREEN develops its products, materials and services with using exclusive thermochemical conversion technology patented by ETIA. Equipment provided by ETIA (Biogreen) enables to operate in wide range of process conditions and effectively adjust conversion parameters – temperature, material residence time and other.

Biogreen is a high-developed technology that operates on a commercial scale for over 10 years. Equipment offers wide range of processing capacity (several hundred kg/h to 3 t/h of converted biomass). VT GREEN can also propose its skills and expertise for the development of applications for biochars and bio-oils produced by other technologies.

VT GREEN technical partners:
International Biochar Initiative
Cereales Vallee
E2IA (Ecoentreprise pour l’innovation en Auvergne)
Auvergne Nouveau Monde
Parc Naturopole
VT GREEN financial partners:
Conseil Régional d’Auvergne
BPI France
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