About us

VT GREEN brings together the unique competences for the recovery of biomass from agriculture, the wood sector or industry, by thermochemical conversion (torrefaction, medium and high temperature pyrolysis). VT GREEN deploys a wide range of services for the development of innovative products and solutions for various areas of application (agriculture, environment, bio-based materials, biomolecules …). Our activities include research, the development of bio-based products, support to the establishment of biomass thermochemical valorization chain. Our development activities are based on the Biogreen technology developed and patented by ETIA (www.biogreen-energy.com).

VT GREEN is a part of ETIA group

ETIA (Evaluation Technologique, Ingénierie et Applications) is a French engineering company specializing in innovation, equipment and processes for continuous thermal treatment of bulk products. Company engineers plants for the thermal treatment of any bulk material, mainly for the agro-food industry, environment and energy sector.

ETIA develops and engineers the plants which are based upon a heating screw-conveyor technology (Spirajoule®) as core component. Typical applications designed by company include valorization in energy and valuable product of spent material and waste, product sterilization, roasting or drying of herbs and other food processing.

 ZA du Naturopôle

ZA du Naturopôle

The Naturopôle: a land of innovation in plant

Located on the Naturopôle, VT GREEN enjoys a very favorable environment for the development of innovative solutions in the world of plants.

Doubly labeled « Pole Rural Excellence » in 2006 and 2010, the Naturopôle houses many expertises in plant extraction and development of herbal health solutions for the markets of dietary supplement or food.
The implementation within the Naturopôle allows VTGREEN to benefit from these expertises and know-how and to have a wide sourcing biomass co-products that constitute a strategic base to complete its research programs and development.

By developing high value solutions of recovery of this biomass coproducts, VT GREEN contributes to strengthening competitiveness and synergy of the companies and territory.