Agronomic expertise

The Biochar adapted to your needs

From Biomass to Biochar, VT Green is the ideal partner for the development of your agronomic biochar. Thanks to the pyrolysis bench Biogreen®, VT Green give you the biochar to your needs.

Biochar activation

VT Green offers a range of method to activate your Biochar to increase the agronomic effects. We support you in the project of biologic activation, nutrients, fermentation… in post-treatment of your production line.

Optimize formulation of your product

Growing media, amendment, biostimulant… the agronomic plateform of VT Green give you agronomic solutions for your formulation. VT Green offers his expertise for the best Biochar mix conception.

Validation of the agronomic interests

VT Green apply a wide selection af agronomic trials to know the efficiency of your Biochar and the formulation. The agronomic plateform have modern equipments to test your product under controled condition (climatic chamber, growing area…) or in the field.

All the way to the market

Thanks to the experience it has gained with the Hydrochar® WB1 certification, VT Green is your partner all the way to the market!