What is the Biogreen® technology?

The Biogreen® technology, developped by ETIAdéveloppée, is an innovative process of thermochemical conversion. This technologie includes a pyrolysis system to produce energy and useful material.

This technology ensures precius production parameters, particularly thanks to the inner screw heated by “Joule heating”. During the process, the biomass is always in contact with the screw to obtain an uniform Biochar.

VT Green expertise

Thanks to the Biogreen® bench, VT GREEN can test the thermochemical conversion of your biomass with controlled conditions, from the torrefaction (200°C – 350°C) to the pyrolysis (350°C – 900°C).

We control all the production parameters (temperature, residence time, inerting…). The process progress is reported and analysed in real time to ensure the essay reproductibility.