Product development

Some features of interest can be brought by physical and chemical characteristics present in bio-oil and biochars from the thermochemical conversion of biomass. More and more industries are looking for biobased alternatives to synthetic or petrochemical products, with three goals:

– Diversifying sources of supply of raw materials or products

– Integrating or anticipating regulatory constraints

– Improving the sustainable performance of their activities and development of competitive advantages

From the functional specifications of its customers, VT GREEN selects the  couples “biomass  – operating conditions” to achieve or approach the expected characteristics. If the results obtained are satisfactory, VT GREEN supports its customers in product development (performance optimization, composition constancy, regulatory constraints …).

VT GREEN may also propose and prioritize different scenarios for the industrial deployment of the solution (see feasibility study).

Products development


Agronomic additives


Polymers additives

Filtration (air, water...)



Pest control

Polymers stabilisation

Aromatic preparation