Hydrochar® WB1


Hydrochar® WB1

First biochar authorized by french regulation

100% natural water retenter

Be used in organic farming

Hydrochar® WB1 is an agronomic biochar
The production parameters were carefully selected to ensure agronomic benefits. The control of whole of the production chain, from the biomass to Hydrochar® WB1, provide a single and uniform agronomic biochar.

Hydrochar® WB1 is stable
The high pyrolysis temperature provide a stable carbon, unlike the others amendment. Consequently, Hydrochar® WB1 have a long-time effect in the soil. This property store carbon in soil and reduce the CO2 production.

Hydrochar® WB1 in natural
The biomass of Hydrochar® WB1 is only wood! This 100% natural composition ensure the « cleaness » of Hydrochar® WB1.

Hydrochar® WB1 can be used in organic farming
The Hydrochar® WB1 can be used in organic farming under the EC Regulation 834/2007 and NOP regulation.

Hydrochar® WB1 is the first biochar authorized by french regulation
The french regulation aknowledged that Hydrochar® WB1 is the first 100% natural water retenter to be marketed for professional and individual in France.

Hydrochar® WB1 is universal
The Hydrochar® WB1 can be used in a lot of culture. The Hydrochar® WB1 can be added directly to the soil for the tree nursery, the lawn care and the market gardening or incorpored in growing media.

Hydrochar® WB1 ensure a better warter retention
During the pyrolysis process, the Hydrochar® WB1 develop a single physical structure, wich allows to retain water by the Hydrochar® WB1 and transfer this water to the plant. Consequently, the microporosities increase the plant resistance to the water stress.

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