You have a Biomass?

Feasibility studies

Sustainable performance of a thermochemical biomass valorization sector depends on many factors: availability and location of biomass resources, optimisation of energy and materials efficiency of the process, quality and constancy of outgoing products, efficiency and safety of the developed applications , flow optimization (syngas valuation, valuation of co-products), …

VT GREEN assists its clients wishing to implement thermochemical biomass valorization sector across all key stages of the project.

Thermochemical potential studies

If the results of the first pilot trials are successful, VT GREEN offers its customers to identify and test potential applications offered by thermochemical conversion of their biomass wastes and co-products.

You are owner or waste treatment provider of biomass waste or co-products and you wish to study the potential of thermochemical recovery of these products.
GREEN VT offers a customized service that may include:
– For each studied biomass, producing different standards of biochars and bio-oils from different operating conditions (type of pretreatment of the biomass, temperature and residence time, …)

– The energy and materials yields of each product (biochar, bio-oil, syngas) for each operating condition.
– The main physico-chemical characteristics of each product obtained
– The identification and prioritization of physicochemical properties of interest in these products and a first selection of potential applications.

VT GREEN offers a customized service wich may include:

– A pilot production of biochar, bio-oil and syngas, produced on our test platform, with “standard” conditions of thermochemical conversion, from a representative sample of your products,

– The analysis of the behavior of the biomass in the process and the energy and materials efficiency and of each product (biochar, bio-oil, syngas),

– The main physico-chemical characteristics of the different products,

– A first estimate of potential recovery methods thermochemical biomass studied.